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Originally Posted by OverK1LL View Post

I did the same thing! I always used to roll tri SLi for every GPU iteration since the 8800 Ultra's. Then fired on all four for Quad SLi.

I had them running for about a week and decided to downgrade to Tri SLi and pop in a 512GB NVMe to use the last of my 40 lanes. Quad SLi was unplayable. Not surprised NVIDIA dropped officially supporting it. 

These in SLi should work perfect with the PG348Q. Excited to see how they work!

i'm kinda in the same boat. I have plans to run 4 way for a bit.. but if it doesn't go super well I think i might drop to 3 way with the 1080s and put a intel 750 nvme 1.2gig PCI-e card in. In fact that is what my systems are running now (all nvme. the other HD is a Samsung 950 pro). One of my titan Xs broke and i had to RMA it and never put it back in the system (ugh.. i hate redoing the water!)

If that is the case my brother is going to get a sweet upgrade to his PC (WHY DOES HE STILL PLAY ON THE XBOX WHEN I GAVE HIM A SWEET PC!)
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