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variable framerate depending on speed (3modes, very roughly 2000, 4000, 7000)
same smoothing on every step (~4ms, lower at higher framerate modes)
native steps in increments of 50
pcs aroudn 6-7m/s

variable framerate depending on speed (3modes, very roughly 3000, 7000, 12500)
variable smoothing depending on dpi setting. at <= 1550dpi it's the same as 3310, above it's more. (someone please find the post where i wrote all of the estimated values. i'm stuck in this guesthouse with 0.2mbps internet)
native steps of 50. for the razer abyssus14, if you use synapse, the sensor is set to the highest dpi and every step is scaled down from firmware and/or drivers. of course this is an issue with the mouse/driver not the 3988 sensor.
pcs around 7-8m/s

(possible) sensor rattlelelelelelelelel
variable framerate depending on speed (4modes, roughly 4100, 4900, 5900, 12000)
native steps are 50 to 12800 in increments of 50 for 3366. logitech limits their mice to 200-12000 for whatever reason
native steps are 100 to 12000 in increments of 100 for 3360.
infinite pcs. no seriously though i managed to get my g900 to 10m/s... so go figure

all of them have variable framerate. not sure about 3310/3988 but for 3360/3366 there's no way to control the framerate; it's completely automatic. i suspect it's the same for 3310/3988 as every mousetester plot i've seen shows variable framerate for those.

there is no delay for framerate changes. but for sensors with smoothing, there will be a skip/jump on framerate transitions. i posted about this in the thread "visualizing smoothing in mousetester"; should be pretty easy to find (sorry no link, again i don't want to click around with this 0.2mbps internet tongue.gif). for 3988 i can literally see the skipping on the windows desktop when i use >=3200dpi and scale down the windows sensitivity.

no 100% reputable source for this, but SRAV is better on 336x than on 3310 or 3988. although for srav estimates done by hand (the swipe-fast-right-swipe-slow-left test), i suspect having feet near the sensor makes a bigger impact than the differences between the sensors.

also srav for 336x should be more consistent from mouse to mouse because the 336x led is integrated, whereas for 3310/3988 it's up to the manufacturer to decide which led to use and how to ensure it's aligned with the lens.

given the way math works, higher framerate generally allows for smoother tracking. e.g. with 12500, you get either 12 or 13 frames per usb poll (assume 1ms), whereas with 2500, you get either 2 or 3 frames per usb poll. of course this rule is broken if framerate is exactly a multiple of the usb polling rate. imo sensor differences affect things more though. e.g. i think a 3366's low speed tracking is smoother than a 3090's tracking even though 3090 gets 6500 and 3366 is <5000 for low speeds.
yes it doesn't directly affect responsiveness much. some people may find smoother tracking to be more responsive though.

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