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Originally Posted by SuperZan View Post

And Fermi was moonlighting as a hibachi. Is Nvidia also forever unclean? We have two options in the discrete graphics market so keeping a Dwarven Book of Grudges based on the failures of unrelated products dating back nearly two decades makes very little sense.

Fermi was a lesson and everyone is watching every new Geforece for similar issues. Nvidia seems to have learned from this fiasco.

Sometimes I wonder why AMD is unablo to learn. I mean when their fan control is flawed in the software to be at 20-30% ... OK. Then next time the voltage control is down the drain ... WHO CARES..!!!
(extreme sarcasm) rolleyes.gif

I mean, why would you trust any vendor if this happends over and over? Strangely enough it happends to AMD way to often. And the people keep that in mind. Those are the most basic security topics in mind. Why are they screwed up so often? Isn't this overly careless?
Originally Posted by SuperZan View Post

Don't trust AMD. Don't trust the Twitch guy. looniam provided you with information, you should probably use it.

This sounds incredible like some sort of cult. Why is this guy here in the forum more trustworthy? At the moment I try to figure out who has useful information at all. So many users just deny good information and spread their FUD and borderline stupidity over and over. Then someone else brings a guy with Paint? Seriously, I trust a multimeter more than a guy doing videos in Paint.
Originally Posted by SuperZan View Post

Also, if the under-volting results people are coming back with are anything to go by (and obviously they should be), adjusting the voltage targets with a driver shouldn't 'cripple' anything. People are literally gaining performance from under-volting. If anyone is talking rubbish, it's you.

Voltages are just part of the problem. The RX480 uses too much Amperes too. Regarding to power nothing seems to work as intended on this card. Less power equals lower performance. I wonder why nobody is angry about the potential loss in performance. A card should work straigth from the factory and not be patchwork after. What is rubbish about finding this ugly?
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