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Originally Posted by Hardware Hoshi View Post

AMD did mess up several times in the last 20 years ... especially with power issues! Remember the good old Duron / Athlon XP days? Nice chips, had alot of them myself. Till the moment TOM's found out this things did have no overheat protection. The made a video where see the freaking die go several hundret degree Celsius. The Durons just exploded at some point. Even a few seconds were enough to grill the god damn CPU.

Now you tell me to trust AMD? I trust a Twitch guy with sound and reasonable arguments more than any you guys. Half of you is still talking without even knowing the basics. Someone messed up at AMD - it's crystal clear. Now I want to see how they fix this up without crippling the RX480 reference.

Remember bumpgate? Or the infamous driver that caused GPU death by overheating? You sure you still want to trust nVidia now?
Yeah, but to decrease the power draw will automatically lower the performance of the card. There is no magic at work but science. Pretty much everything goes over multiplicators. At first I thought it could be a bug in either the bios or the AMD software. This happend before with the cooler settings, remember? But this time it seem to be a deeper problem. The hardware wiring is strange at least.

Feels like the RX480 was stitched together at last minute.

Yes because everybody has a PhD in EE on the internet. rolleyes.gif

As I said, undervolting is another option, which decreases power draw while simultaneously increasing performance. If anything, this episode is more reminiscent of the 7970 GE launch where they juiced the chips with way too much voltage at stock. Or how Intel messed up mobile Haswell CPUs by using too high of a stock voltage.
Overbearing the 12V can damage your mainboard or its components. in worst cases this also can damage other components. With this in mind I will never understand why you guys are so trustworthy. You neclect everything as if it was told by morons. Don't you have a sense of risk?

Because personal experience + those of others > fear-mongering on the internet? I guess I could also be desensitized since I overclock and overvolt both my CPU and GPUs. *shrug*

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