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Originally Posted by magnek View Post

Remember bumpgate? Or the infamous driver that caused GPU death by overheating? You sure you still want to trust nVidia now?

Yes because everybody has a PhD in EE on the internet. rolleyes.gif

As I said, undervolting is another option, which decreases power draw while simultaneously increasing performance. If anything, this episode is more reminiscent of the 7970 GE launch where they juiced the chips with way too much voltage at stock. Or how Intel messed up mobile Haswell CPUs by using too high of a stock voltage.
Because personal experience + those of others > fear-mongering on the internet? I guess I could also be desensitized since I overclock and overvolt both my CPU and GPUs. *shrug*
Originally Posted by SuperZan View Post

LOL. You do realise that the twitch stream you linked is the selfsame buildzoid that did the video in Paint? Do you find him believable or not. Which is it? Either you're a bit thick or you're just not even paying attention to what your fellow posters have to say. You seem smart enough so I'll generously assume the latter. You're welcome.

"Strangely enough it happends to AMD way to often"; this is literally the first time that I can remember this specific problem being an issue on an AMD card. I'm not willing to use other random bugaboos with different products as some sort of convoluted formula that leads to this specific issue.

Yes, it's a problem. The card was obviously released with some goofy power delivery. It's not however the End of Times and if AMD says they can fix it with a driver, and if people have been able to successfully reduce power to the card without losing performance, then there probably is a simpler solution than calling back every production reference 480 and redesigning the PCB because somebody you believe (or don't believe, I'm still not clear on that), poked around with a multimeter.

He have no idea what he's talking about, that simple.

Says that's from the PCIe Power PSU cable instead of the PSU just because he choose to believe that, so it must be a fact.

Polaris RX 480 wattage spikes are way lower than other Nvidia cards from the same market segment, 140W is nothing compared to the behemoth spikes from the 960 going as far as 240W, yet the RX 480 is the only one with issues because of the average being higher.

This video from AdoredTV really sums this up.

I don't even know how this thread is still going.
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