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Obviously I wish that AMD could ever have a product release that couldn't be nitpicked for some minor issue and blown way out of proportion by team green but it is what it is. I don't personally think anybody has anything to worry about and whatever issue is at play here will almost certainly be fixed very quickly in my opinion. But team green has succeeded again at shifting the focus away from what is overall a very good product release for AMD. Now of course the stupid pcie slot issue is all anybody can talk about, as though we are now witnessing the Auschwitz of motherboards happening right before our eyes!

I have a suggestion for any of you guys who want to become a Reddit legend. Take some old motherboard that you're not using anymore and jump two of the pins on the 24 pin connector. Place photos of burned motherboard on Reddit and claim that the evil 480 slaughtered your poor motherboard! You too can be a hero on the Internet! rolleyes.gif

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