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Originally Posted by Dargonplay View Post

Oh, you mean any information that favors Nvidia? Next thing you'll say is that is better to have 300W Spikes over the PCIe X16 slot like with the GTX 960 as long as you have a lower average instead of having a slightly higher average of 79W but with lower 140W spikes.

The average is what is the bad part, pal. The spikes are irrelevant as many guys here told, but you stay ignorant. We provided you with a video of PCPer where they explain this in every detail. Yet you stay ignorant and go on in your story.

To still hit on the ASUS GTX960 STRIX although the story has beeen debunked show me how either uninformed, stubborn or borderline fanboy you are. To explicitly mention Nvidia here gives me a clue. Seems to be a heavy agenda of yours.
Originally Posted by Dargonplay View Post

Last time I showed you the 960 Strix graph you went on full misinformation and said it was PCIe PSU consumption instead of what it really was (The MOBO X16 PCIe Slow Power Consumption), people corrected you and you still went on about more misinformation, now I post a 750Ti graph with no PCIe PSU Power Connector and it suddenly turns into a "not scientific measurable knowledge" thumb.gif

Dude, you are hilarious! No 750 Ti was ever out of PCIe-Specification. The average of the power over the 12V-PCIE-lanes is what matters. it has a limit of 66W of the 12V and 7,9W (rounded down) over the 3.3V. The 12V over PCI-SLOT is where the RX480 has its problems. Instead of a maximum of 5.5 Ampere, the card draws 6 to 7.5 at Stock clocks. If you had a slight clue about electronics, you would know how devastating for hardware this is ... or at least can be.

If you had read the sources we provides you, that would have been clear to you. For the last time, here is the whole video explaining everything compressed in 30 minutes.

Originally Posted by DaaQ View Post

Never heard of any CPU ever exploding but ok.
Tell me did you plan on buying one of these cards? or are you just White Knighting for all the plebs who have cheap motherboards/pre-builts that don't visit enthusiast forums?

Actually yes, I wanted to buy one. I already had one in my cart, but stopped because reference is always worse than AIB. Even if I know don't buy any RX480, I could still be effected. Yes, even then it will happen. Think about some of the careless persons here stressing their card over a longer time with the RX480 going overboard. The hardware components this guys use might be for sale on the used market some date in the future. What if you bought some of this potential flawed parts and the die really soon after my purchase?

Has anybody even thought about this as a consequence?
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