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Originally Posted by Olivon View Post

It seems you never read TH reviews before ... They all present this spikes and they're not represnetative because all others reviewers don't show them.
You use this graph because that's the only thing you can do and do not want to admit that AMD have done a big mistake.
960 is doing really well regarding PCIe specs unlike RX 480.

do you even know what you're talking about? Do you know why TomsHardware presents these spikes? No you don't, you're being ignorant instead of educating yourself, PCPer just uploaded a video explaining why TomsHardware reviews show these spikes, it is because their method is technically more precise, because of the timings when these spikes happen is usually between the end and beginning of each cycle while other reviewers WITH DIFFERENT tools measure the same thing in a way that doesn't show these spikes because of filtered graphs, but the spikes are still there.

The only thing you can do is be in the dark, the real question is whats worse? Having higher average but lower spikes or higher spikes but lower averages?
Originally Posted by Hardware Hoshi View Post

Dude, you are hilarious! No 750 Ti was ever out of PCIe-Specification. The average of the power over the 12V-PCIE-lanes is what matters. it has a limit of 66W of the 12V and 7,9W (rounded down) over the 3.3V. The 12V over PCI-SLOT is where the RX480 has its problems. Instead of a maximum of 5.5 Ampere, the card draws 6 to 7.5 at Stock clocks. If you had a slight clue about electronics, you would know how devastating for hardware this is ... or at least can be.

Yes, the average is still within the specifications but the spikes are still above anything the RX 480 is even capable of, this goes back to my previous question "whats worse? Having higher average but lower spikes or higher spikes but lower averages?"

Because you can have 200W spikes while lowering the consumption for nanoseconds to 1W just so you can be "within PCIe Slot spec" like the GTX 960 Strix or stock 750Ti does, that doesn't mean it is any less harmful for your hardware.
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