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I've been running the 480 at stock volts and undervolt on a 990FX board which all of them have only PCI 2.0 slots, without the 4 pin molexs jumper to the PCI slots, and have yet to run into a problem.

Just because some jackwad who obviously had an old and never maintained build with a crap PSU and OCed his CPU and GPU is not enough to make me go into insane mode.

If someone doesn't know wth they're doing and doesn't maintain their equipment properly is no problem of mine. The 480 didn't fry his board, he fried his board. The recent miner frying his board... it's a miner, running your equipment 24/7 at max for 3 years will degrade your equipment. I've blown boards, GPUs, and CPUs BOINCing 24/7. Again, I am not concerned.

Stop being ridiculous, because that's exactly what all of you are being.

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