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Originally Posted by Defoler View Post

Are you playing dumb?

The 960 strix is taking under 25W from the motherboard.

The same video your posted ""And it might have barely went over even the 6 pin just for like... A tiny amount of time there"" when talking about PCIe MOBO Connector, that sounds an awful lot like the RX 480 doesn't it? The only difference is that nvidia is smart to have inverse spikes to lower the average power consumption and have their fanboys contempt.
Originally Posted by Defoler View Post

Also that 750 TI graph, the average of the card is still 56W. If you actually read the review, they have a break down, showing that despite spikes, the full graph is misleading.

It's misleading because it shows us the full unfiltered picture instead of the filtered less precise graphs? Gotcha.

Also I find it funny you cherry picked the best case scenario for that test, with a 1 full entire second of testing thumb.gif Just incredible, here's a 170 times larger test time

I just can't avoid to re ask the same question for the third time.

"whats worse? Having higher average but lower spikes or higher spikes but lower averages?"

Because you can have 200W spikes while lowering the consumption for nanoseconds to 1W just so you can be "within PCIe Slot spec" like the GTX 960 Strix or stock 750Ti does, that doesn't mean it is any less harmful for your hardware as people are claiming the RX 480 is.

One thing people is somehow not able to understand is that the average power consumption of those reviews that use filtered graphs are misleadingly lower because the spikes are not taken into account when measuring the average Power Consumption.
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