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Originally Posted by Hardware Hoshi View Post

Please don't be miffed about this!
As I said, the damage can occur slowly. It has not to be visible immediatly. This is why the issue is so problematic. You can think you are not fine, but at the same time your mainboard / components get worn out faster than usual.

Don't blame me for what is going on.

I think he's blaming you exclusively for fear mongering.

By the time any degradation occurs we're all going to upgrade anyway, we're talking shy of a decade of daily use here, and even then that is conservative.

And before you even answer with inmensurable data I'll even quote what you said
Originally Posted by Hardware Hoshi View Post

I trust my instinct and the amount of scientific knowledge that is actually measurable.

So with your answer I'd like to see how measurable the data backing up your claim is because I have a feeling there's 99% bias, instinct and anecdotal evidence with it.
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