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Originally Posted by ekg84 View Post

Guys, common. Both Nvidia and AMD mess things up here and there. Neither company is a bunch of saints.

I can tell you how I feel as a potential buyer with no particular inclination to go neither red nor green. I am on a market for a graphics card. I don't want to spend over $300. Buying a 2 year old 970 for ~$260 doesn't seem like a very good idea cause it's an aging piece of tech. Plus, 3.5Gb thing kinda bothers me.

I was looking forward to this release and was really close to pulling the trigger on 8GB XFX card with that sweet looking backplate... But then decided to hold off to see what aftermarket 480s as well as 1060 will bring to the table. And kind of happy I did. All the reports that RX 480 pulls too much power from the pci-e slot are alarming. It's not even about users who's pci-e slots melted and stopped working but the credible (IMO) reviewers, such as PCPer, that made me think twice before buying a reference card. It doesn't seem reasonable to dismiss these reports as Nvidia conspiracy and bunch of smoke. I mean, the true scale of this issue, whether it's significant or not, will appear very soon. Why do people keep insulting each other over this?

Exactly +rep.
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