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Originally Posted by Themisseble View Post

Well GTX 970 has TDP of 145W and it goes way way over!
So basically you are saying that GTX 970 and GTX 1070 should never use over 110W.

RX 480 8GB with downvolts will use less then 120W.

In this case XFX RX 480W peaks at 125W stock.

XFX 480 8GB claims 120W TDP

The TDP on the reference RX 480 cards is configured to 110W. That applies on the calculated (by PM) power draw of the GPU, not the measured one. The controller on RX 480 supports DCR measurements, so technically the input power could be measured more accurately. At the moment GPU-Z is not displaying the data from the controller directly (you can see the controller data on 290/390 cards for example).

The values displayed for nVidia cards are based on shunt measurements (AFAIK) so they include the VRM losses (as the shunts are for 12V inputs).
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