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Originally Posted by Levys View Post

This.....people read what they want...even if it's not there.
The article states +3% with new drivers.
It also states they are trying to do something about the power draw load on the pci-e bus
in other words looking for a way to draw less power from pci-e and more power from the 6 pin connector.
They also mention they are going to give you the OPTION of reducing the total power draw of the card
That's kind of the thing, according to Buildzoid, the 6pin powers the core, while PCIE slot powers the memory. If they're going to reduce power to memory it's probably not going to be able to clock as high, thus slightly reduced performance. Hell, AIB boards probably won't even have the problem at all. AMD chose a rather unorthodox power delivery system for their reference cards.

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