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Originally Posted by Klocek001 View Post

lol h61 is s.1155 so Sandy/Ivy

But H61 did not crash, and only game he tested was Overwatch. Maybe you should watch your video again. Top video you linked. Firestrike wouldn't run on his $25 dollar gaming pc build. Which he states is a LGA775 mobo. Also doesn't list any testing specs other than Mobo type, DDRx capacity, PSU wattage. GPU. The only info given on his $25 build is it's a lga775 with a rx480. I mean if this is the type of "reviews" you go by, by all means knock yourself out.

Originally Posted by Tsumi go_quote.gif

You're just nitpicking words now. I was talking about in terms of performance, those are the only measurements that matter. Not IPC or clock speed.
Originally Posted by Tsumi go_quote.gif

If Bulldozer came out of the box at 5 ghz and overclocked to 6 ghz on air, no one would have said it was a failure.
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