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Originally Posted by Zyro71 View Post

There has to be a specific reason why LGA 775 and AM2+ motherboards and below, might have this issue.

I can see it as, older PCIe certifications causing issues, Like say..the motherboard's OCP was tripped due to the power draw being too high

Or, possibly that those motherboards actually didn't supply 75watts fully and it actually drew more from the PEG instead..no one bothered to look into that until now.

The only way to test that is to grab an older board with a different card other than the 480 and see what happens.

I also believe this isn't an issue on new boards because we have like...oh say

220watt CPUs that glady draw a ton of power.

CPUs on motherboards with only 4pin power connectors..have to draw more power from somewhere, no?

MultiGPU boards, so they have to be designed to take punishment like the 480 brings. etc

CPU power is on a totally different circuit. 4 pin CPU power connector is good enough for any stock CPU other than FX 9xxx series or LGA 2011/1366.

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