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Originally Posted by Majin SSJ Eric View Post

This whole PCIE business has got to be the biggest load of overhyped garbage I've ever seen in the gpu forums. Mostly avid Nvidia fanboys who wouldn't ever be caught dead with any AMD components rushing into every 480 thread to cry crocodile tears about the poor kids with Pentium 4's who will be ever so devastated that their shiny new card might not work in a 10 year old $50 PC. I would have zero hesitation at all from slapping a reference 480 in my old P67 Sabertooth and over volting the pee out of it.

Overdrawing the pcie slot, Jesus Christ.... rolleyes.gif

Right. Like the 970 which was performing to spec, or GFE where people claim the sky are falling and nvidia are going to control the universe. No over reaction at all. rolleyes.gif

Some AMD fanboys are way too hypocritical these days as well, like the ones who bought the dual titans for 2000$ and then claim a 700$ GPU is way overpriced and everyone who buy it are idiots, right?

Since several reviews have shown that the 480 cause shut downs and issues, and some claimed dead motherboards, of course it is all fake and nvidia are behind it and you will over volt your old overpriced then P67 and show us that everything is fine with a high end motherboard, because everyone who buy a 200$ are also buying a 220$ high end motherboard.

Lets all support AMD's mistakes, because of... reasons.

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