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Originally Posted by SuperZan View Post

Unless anybody has any real proof that RX 480's were going into systems and just blowing them up, or melting down PCIe slots en masse, then yes, the issue has been overblown. And that's sad because it is an issue for a few people but they're lost in the noise as their concerns are tossed as grist for the mill of people who hate a hardware company to the point of a weird personal vendetta.

Point is that there had been several video reviews posted on OCN several times now of reviewers saying that some systems have been shutting down, some people posted pictures on reddit of their burned ATX connectors or their dead PCIE slots.

Some people dismiss it as fraud that it is no proof, yet they also have no proof that it is untrue as well.
So... give and take. You can't claim one thing is "overblown" when you go on something else and "overblown" that.

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