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Originally Posted by Defoler View Post

Point is that there had been several video reviews posted on OCN several times now of reviewers saying that some systems have been shutting down, some people posted pictures on reddit of their burned ATX connectors or their dead PCIE slots.

Some people dismiss it as fraud that it is no proof, yet they also have no proof that it is untrue as well.
So... give and take. You can't claim one thing is "overblown" when you go on something else and "overblown" that.

I can show you some blown motherboards with any GPU you want if that convinces you in either direction. A 24 pin connector is NOT going to get burnt from an overloaded pcie slot. That is just so ridiculous it's almost nauseating thinking about the ignorance that has to be imbedded in ones head to even think that is possible. Since when do we feed direct current from a 24 pin connector to any aib component? that doesn't even make sense.

The fear mongering has become so prevalent that it has done its job. It has made people believe the opposite of what is true. Quite frightening really.

And please give me one way to disprove those that post faulty or exaggerated photos or information....o wait, there is none. We are forced to take the word of someone on the internet who has absolute immunity from judgement beyond their own admission.

I don't even get what you are trying to say. I might as well murder people and post their dead bodies and proclaim Bigfoot killed them. Clearly I must be correct since I said it and you can't prove otherwise...give me a break.
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