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Originally Posted by Majin SSJ Eric View Post

This whole PCIE business has got to be the biggest load of overhyped garbage I've ever seen in the gpu forums. Mostly avid Nvidia fanboys who wouldn't ever be caught dead with any AMD components rushing into every 480 thread to cry crocodile tears about the poor kids with Pentium 4's who will be ever so devastated that their shiny new card might not work in a 10 year old $50 PC. I would have zero hesitation at all from slapping a reference 480 in my old P67 Sabertooth and over volting the pee out of it.

Overdrawing the pcie slot, Jesus Christ.... rolleyes.gif

I hear you and even understand where you are coming from. Except at the same time, many of us own and actively use both AMD and Nvidia hardware and feel compelled obviously to let our opinions be heard regarding any discreet GPU matter as we see fit. And no, you didn't say otherwise, just pointing it out. :D


What are we labelled? Do we even guess or know the percentage of us that have and still use both in our household? Steam won't help with that lol.


My opinion is that just as this was overblown like you said for something that likely would have affected a small percentage of RX480 owners and possibly near any normal failure rate. Fact is we won't know now of course as we don't have a time machine to test both scenarios, with the new adjusted Bios and without it.


Interspersed in many of the comments are even purely Nvidia owners that wholesale recognize this as overhyped obviously and is just one leg of the perception of the bad AMD PR/marketing table. It's not the end of the world of course.


All that said:

This was not something AMD is ignorant about. Knowing the expected testing that reviewers are going to perform. Knowing the Internet "Reaction" to any perceived problem in today's market, and finally Knowing the performance / electrical envelope of their own product, I'm more shocked that AMD did not see this coming.


A very harsh "opinion" might see it as doing a disservice to their loyal customers allowing this to occur in the first place as they are not uninformed little 15 year olds. No different than the 970 crap NVidia pulled, they are paid professional GPU engineers and Architects so moreso from that fact some might not feel they deserve a pass in this debacle.


But then again, should we hold any of our GPU Overlord Masters to a higher standard? A slave wonders... :o 



Borderline Politics...

Originally Posted by Ricwin View Post

What is more frightening is that these are the future generations, and those who get to vote for their next leader in their respected countries.
It certainly goes a fair way to explain why Trump became so popular.
I'm closing in on 50 years old so when I hear that I say future? I'd like to be considered a future generation lol. I don't think we've ever taken a poll of age in GPU enthusiasts. There may be a perception of us giving opinions as mostly Halo/BF/CoD playing 18 - 25 year olds. Though many of those buying even midrange and of course high end already have jobs and families and are well established adults.
So I don't think the future is relevant, we are already here :D for good or ill.
Again while a good sounding talking point, I don't think one has anything to do with another.  I could talk more on it but that would seriously breach the forum guidelines regarding *cough toxic corrupt Politics.

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