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Originally Posted by Awsan View Post

But this is useless as laptops cant handle the heat or overclock

Having owned a 980m overclocked / over-volted laptop, power draw and heat was never an issue for the GPU. It was only the CPU that I ever had to worry about. A 330w should be plenty and a 240 may even be enough.

Given that the 980m was pulling about 130w stock and 150+ overclocked, the 1080 shows as pulling ~175 average at stock and ~160 for the 1070. No doubt they will most likely be slightly under clocked with lower voltage. Thicker gaming laptops should have no issue.

Edit: The real point of these laptops IMO, is for people strapped on space or that travel and setup camp at their random locations. Using anything like this in a classroom or library is just silly.... Unless lan party.

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