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Originally Posted by gupsterg View Post

I respect The Stilt alot but please view all these posts as to what realistically the fix achieves and what it means for us in the sense of the current ref PCB if OC'ing.

i) what difference does it make BB B0 vs FF F0 data value for the registers

ii) what if we're maxing VDDC to gain OC for a bench, etc

So comparing this ref PCB AMD card with PCI-E plug with recent past cards power sourcing and loading of VRM is pretty much not "optimal".
You are only dismissing the heat element still being an issue with the cooler involved. You'll be pulling 100w, plus whatever vram+uncore thingies necessitate - up to 54w - together they make up 65 from the socket and 155 from the pci-e bus. We know the numbers don't reach that amount. Else, you won't get up to 1.4GHz without der8auer's 1.25v practices and 1.5GHz is only relevant for bench purposes at 1.35v with the resultant 260 watts of power consumption. Quite literally, '104 watts' from the socket would be the least of my worries in order for me to be able to reach those clocks. I'd be over 5% above phase current protection thresholds by then(38>36A) and balancing the load by pulling 114 watts from the socket is out of the question for me anyway.
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