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Originally Posted by oxidized View Post

Well case where custom were worse than reference are very rare or am i wrong, but anyway i can understand that case or the thing with waterblocks.
But for any other makes very little sense.
Correct, two different things, but AMD's TDP (which is different from nvidia's TDP) represents the max Watts drawn from the card under load, which was 150W for the 480, it wasn't respected, cause in some benchmark the card reached ~180W, so power draw isn't really good, on the other hand yes, the problem wasn't the draw, but the distribution, and despite the fix, several tests showed that the card is still at pciex limit, surpassing the standard max current drawable wich is 5.5A but in some games it still reaches ~6A. Surely better but still not good, and there's nothing amd can do about it now, so let's wait AIBs and a possible refresh later.

AMD corrected those specs to specify that they meant the chip power, not the whole card. And it is already fixed with a driver update, investigate further before stating stuff like "there's nothing amd can do about it now", it doesn't make you sound very credible when AMD fixed the issue with software 2 days ago.
Originally Posted by Ajvar View Post

Man, you are such an ignorant person.
Here, I put this image for you and even translated if you are slow to figure out by intuition. Go eat your power distribution and concentrate on PCI-E specced max powerdraw.

Now if you still have questions or mistakenly believe you still shouldn't see how you are wrong then go reread my latest 3 post as much time as you need (2 times or 4, whatever).

Oh, what a special case we have here. Let me sum up the argument for you:
You: AMD overclocked that card, that is why it is drawing too much from the PCI-E
Me: Overclocking doesn't have anything to do with PCI-E power draw.
You: Of course it does, when you raise the clocks you raise the power. Engineering samples were clocked much lower.
Me: Yes, you raise the power, but that doesn't mean you raise specifically the power from the PCI-E, there are 300W cards out there that still pull less than 75W from the PCI-E.
You: OMG u so stoopid, look how high PCI-E power draw is.


Let me spell it out for you systematically, so even a donkey would have some chance of understanding:

1) Overclocking raises overall power usage, it does NOT tell the card where to draw this power FROM. It is the card's internal power distribution mechanism that decides that.
THEREFORE with a power distribution that prioritizes 6 and 8-pin PSU cables, overclocking will NOT raise PCI-E power draw.
2) The issue is already FIXED with a driver update.
3) Before you take it upon yourself to classify people as ignorant, go test your basic reasoning skills.

Got it?
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