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Originally Posted by alawadhi3000 View Post

My 4710HQ can holds about 3.2GHz-3.3GHz tops.
Also AFAIK both the HQ and MQ are the same, except that the MQ is a socket processor that you can replace.
Yeah, it happened with 8xx series laptops when the 9xx series was released.

MQ has unlocked current settings. When OCing an HQ more often than not if you try tweaking voltage to lower tdp and get a higher clock the current limit(pcl) kicks in and throttles the cpu anyway.

Notebooks cpus are great, almost identical to desktop variants but absolutely no fun to try and OC for better performance. Intel locked everything down unless you get the really expensive models.

The Dangers of WEP (Click to show)
Originally Posted by 3930K go_quote.gif

Holy crap you were using the epitome of unsafeness WEP? That's like using a few pieces of toilet roll as a wall against a nuke. Not good enough.
People and 60Hz (Click to show)
Originally Posted by CallsignVega go_quote.gif

People are still going on about this 60 Hz vs whatever stuff? lol

I'd like to see a guy show up with a 60 Hz IPS panel at a quake tourney and play against the guys with 160 Hz CRT's. He would get utterly destroyed. I can't even use 60 Hz monitors non-desktop anymore, makes baby jesus cry.
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