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I just got my animation rig up and running on this MB with dual e5-2640 v4's (w/ BLCK currently at 103 for 2.7Ghz). I'm currently working on getting Win7 installed onto a Samsung 950 Pro 512GB m.2 drive. Windows 7 installed on a temporary HDD see's the drive just fine after installing the drivers and using Disk Management to allocate the drive space and formatting it. I hope to hear back from Asus on the best method to make this the boot drive. The Samsung Disk Migration software should be able to move everything off the HDD onto the M.2 drive, but I'm extra cautious because I don't see the m.2 drive in the NVME section of the Bios as ScratchyBollix pointed out.

And I'm also researching the settings to get the Max Turbo Frequency to get to 3.5 Ghz when rendering. Probably a BIOS setting somewhere, but the CPU's currently stay at 2.7Ghz for 30 minute frame renders using 100% CPU. Anyone can chime in if they have recommended settings for these CPUs.

I'll post some pics of the full configured system once I have it "completed".
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