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VRMtool 0.04 (2016-07-17)
To simplify poking around in I2C registers I wrote a simple tool to dump and modify the I2C registers of VRM controllers connected to AMD/ATI cards. This now evolved into a handy tool to control many aspects of supported VRM chips.

Currently I only have the RX 480 reference card to test and as such only for the IR3567B the tool is able to interpret and change some of the PMBus commands and I2C registers. Additional information about registers of this and other voltage controller chips are very welcome.

Special thanks go to elmor for helping with the IR3567B PMBus commands.

The tool makes intense use of the I2C bus while it is running so you will likely notice microstutters in 3d games/benchmarks. A future version will allow to start/stop live monitoring to allow benchmark runs without needing to close the tool.

RX 480 + IR3567B specific support
  • live graphs for temperature, output voltage, output current and input power
  • override VID
  • change voltage offset
  • change output current scaling
  • phase load balancing/gain (move more/less load to PCIe 6pin)
  • enable/disable load line
  • change load line slope
  • change VRM PWM frequency

  • live graphs for temperature, output voltage, output current and input power
  • added controls to override VID, add a voltage offset, change output current scaling, phase load balancing (move more load to PCIe 6pin), load line enable/disable + slope, VRM PWM frequency
  • minor bugfixes including not uploading the debug version

DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility at all. I can not be held responsible. Everything you do is on your own risk.

VRMtool004.zip 72k .zip file
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