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I also have built a ze10 d16 ws rig also.. There was no thread so I mainly posted in
the Thermaltake X9 case forum. Seems to be two kinds overclock.net users 1) Show ponies
(Look how Fast it looks), 2) Folks who just want play with bench marks..

I am neither I just want to build the best damn rig I can, with the budget available.

Dual boot Linux or Windows, and lots VMs

2nd Side Shot
1st Side shot
Close details, radiator blocks
Better details, cpu radiators
X9 Case, Z10-Pe D16 WS, cpus, radiators installed
Front with Drive, media bay, Lcd
Unboxed Thermaltake X9 Front , Cosser
Unboxed Thermaltake X9 Back
Unboxed Thermaltake X9 Front

Have nice day
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