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Originally Posted by nullReal View Post

hi! I have just bought one of this fantastic motherboards smile.gif but I cannot make the m.2 slot works at x4 speed with the Samsung 950 Pro 512gb frown.gif I installed the nvme drivers from samsung's site and it´s still not working at x4, the read speed is about 860 only frown.gif

Thanks and sorry for my poor english.
Originally Posted by nullReal View Post

yes, my mobo came with the lastest bios, the 3204 and the Intel RST I will check it now, but I think yes too. By the way, I think only the d8 ws has the x4 option.... frown.gif

I think I'm after discovering the same problem. Its not the first time I've used M.2 but I've never had to consider it being a bottleneck.

Current Results:
836 MB/s Read 764MB/s Write

Link Speed Current 4Gbps Max 8Gbps
Link Width Current x2 Maximum X4
Bandwidth Current 8Gbps Maximum 32Gbps

From the manual:
M.2 Socket 3 Supports Mkey.... and M.2 share bandwidth with the SSATA Port 4 [SIC]

The motherboard features the M.2 slot which shares bandwidth with the SATA 6Gb/s port and the PCIE Gen2x2 and is dedicated only to the operating system.

Blank in NVME info area

I'm using SSATA2 for my mechanical drive so its not conflicting with that. GPU in PCIE4 should also not be conflicting. So are we just stuck with buying a PCIE M.2 mount?
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