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Originally Posted by Mhill2029 View Post

It was something I expected to see happen this year, but not August 2nd. That was waaaaaaay sooner than I expected.

I'm more concerned with how GTX 1080 owners must be feeling right now, spending so much money on the GTX 1080 which was almost Titan X money in the first place for a midrange die, only for this monster to come along so soon after. Especially when you consider how long it was before people actually got hold of the GTX 1080 and SLI HB Bridge due to low stocks.

This is probably the biggest stab in the back I've ever seen from Nvidia. 6months later sure, but 2months? Man that's gotta hurt....

From the looks of it, the 1080 still has better price to performance. I've seen claims that the TX Pascal is supposed to be ~60% faster than the old TX, which puts it around the ~25-30% faster than 1080, but it almost costs 2x as much.
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