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Originally Posted by Leyaena View Post

I'm straight up disappointed. No GP100, no HBM2 and a higher price tag that the previous TX... I'll wait for the benchmarks, but I'll probably be passing on this one. At an msrp like that, I'd expect it to be 1.5k EUR over here at the minimum.
I have a theory.

I'm sure I read that Nvidia pushed Volta back to 2018. So I think they're stretching Pascal out over two years. Like this.

They release flagship 1080 based on GP104 (as they have done already). But now the 1080 outperforms Titan X, so to rectify the situation they release new Titan X based on GP102 with GDDR5X memory.

NEXT YEAR, 2017: Is when they release the GP100 with HBM2 positioned above Titan X (or replacing it) and release a slightly cut down GP100 as 1080Ti. Both with performance improvements over the 2016 releases.

Just a theory.
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