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Originally Posted by Steven185 View Post

Depends on whether one overclocks or not. I suspect that the new Titan X would be loaded, it will have the overclockability of a founder's edition card. So if you overclock you would get it quite a lot higher than that as compared to a GTX 1080. For example if you reach 2-2.1 GHz (which is very possible for a founder edtion's card), you get at least 30% on top of its initial performance. That totals to around 70% above GTX 1080.

You can say that you can overclock GTX 1080 too. But due to the high starting clocks and aggressive adaptive overclocking you don't actually net more than 10% additional performance. If all of the above are true, you can have +50-60% of greater performance as compared to GTX 1080 merely by overclocking your Titan X. This in turn would make Titan X (overclocked) the first 4K card (minimum FPS to most games maxed @ 4K > 50FPS)

Can't say I'm not excited, what I can say is that I'll probably not be able to justify that cost to me (or my wife).

1417 vs 1607 base clock

So even if they both OC to 2100 on average, then the Titan would still be less than 50% faster. (1.14*1.3)
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