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IMO... You will never get over that feeling. 75% of the time I open someones code, I realize how little I know, and how many other cooler ways there are of doing something i have done before.... I have been coding for 10 years or so now... still get that feeling. Granted, over time it happens less and less, but it never goes away. Some things are more embarrassing than others, but seriously... DONT WORRY ABOUT IT.

Today I was reading trough some D3 stuff to do Box Plots.... http://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/4061502

The way they nested functions into calls and how they passed the randomize function as a variable without parameters which got passed... This one wasnt too bad, but there are times like when i learned in Javascript you can use strings for cases in a switch statement.... ohhh so many times prior that would have been nice to know.

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