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You mention parsing variables to the batch file;

as in :
mybatch.bat helloworld
You can access the string "helloworld" with %1
Subsequent variables will be %2, %3 and so on.

You can find this info within 2 seconds on google.

The same goes for writing to a text file, super easy to find on google:
echo string you want in the text file>>textfile.txt
if you use a single ">" then you will overwrite the text file each time, ">>" will add another line each time.
For /f "delims=" %%m in (textfile.txt) do (
echo %%m
will go through each line of the text file.

I think if you made an effort you could find what you are looking for within one minute on google, would save you the time of posting a question here and waiting for someone to provide an answer. There is infinite resources on the web for batch programming.

Still struggling to see what the purpose of this script is and why you have chose batch for it, seems like the wrong thing to use (or at least seems like there would be a better solution to deal with websites n stuff). Are you sure the functionality you are looking for is not already included in a browser that you can download at the moment.
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