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of course there are solution to this, i know that, bookmarks much? i just love the feeling of using the command prompt XD, and i do know how to use the commands you posted, my current code does all this and more, i can actually encrypt username and passwords using a batch script and save the data on a txt file and then decrypt and check the txt file database to be able to log in on a user account, etc, what i am trying to do is a little more complicated, as i said before

-i need to save variables, or plain text, to a text file << done
- i need to be able to find the plain text in the file, and use them as variables on the batch script so they can be used as a list:

i know i can make list using this syntax:
set /p choice="Enter your choice: "
if "%choice%"=="1" goto System Info

but what i am trying to do is to replace the items on the list, with text from a .txt file, get it? because the information (website address) will be added one by one manually, and i do not want to have a fixed list, like the code above, i want something dynamic, so i can change items as i wish from the batch program, and so far, i haven't been able to find a way where i can:

-find text on a text file and use it as a variable

i can find text on a file of course, but how to make it a variable?
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