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Before stanford re-did the point values, the WUs that used the tinke core sucked. So you didn't want any tinkers. Using -advmethods would tell the server that you want a work unit that uses one of the newer more advanced cores (not a tinker). But since they redid the point value, for AMD rigs, I would say don't use -advmethods; for intels, it might help a little.

As for the -forceasm, it makes folding use ASM , which is some kind of instruction method that add efficiency. But I amd pretty sure ASM is enabled by default anyways. Definately also use -forceSSE, because on AMD rigs, SSE is not enabled by default. Or at least is wasn't before, they might have changed that... but use forceSSE and forceasm anyways, just to be sure. Not all CPUs support SSE, so be aware (AMD tbirds and older, and I thikn p3),

Fold for the cure & team 37726!!
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