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Hello to all, back with a minor update.

I had intended to post content in more complete, thematic blocks, but life has gotten in the way recently so I've not made much progress. Still, here's what little I've been up to.

Motherboard work, part 1
As said in my opening posts, first thing I really wanted to do was balance the colours and textures on the motherboard.

All laid out ready for some love. You can really see the difference between the heatsinks and the sound card shroud, and already in its naked form the board is looking a bit more unified.

So let's break out the black matte vinyl wrap...

The wrap is a reasonably chunky 0.2mm thick with a nice texture not too dissimilar to the stock heatsinks so it's covered well without too much effort. Need to tidy up a few edges here and there.

SupremeFX III soundcard. It turns out the lettering and red design lines are slightly embossed, so I may well give it another blast with the heatgun to bring the details out a little more.

And yes, I'm too much of a coward to invalidate warranties on my very first proper project, so I just wrapped over the serial number label it'll be face down towards the GPU though so you won't see it.

Impact Power heatsink. The embossed ROG Eye logo came out really well, but unfortunately the Republic Of Gamers text just wouldn't take - looked lovely and crisp when the vinyl was warm and being rubbed down, but it just relaxed a bit too much as it cooled, losing definition.

Not overly fussed right now because, again, this will be facing down and obscured by the CPU block. Plus this took me 4 attempts and is still a little scruffy, so I'm walking away for a bit

Chipset heatsink. The ROG branding came out really nicely, lovely and crisp embossing. Excuse the dodgy edge, I was a bit excited by how well the ROG turned out and had to take a pic!

All together then...

Maximus VIII Impact Black Edition anybody?

Much, much tidier now I think. I did think about covering the capacitors on the power daughterboard similar to B Negative's Celestial, but I think in my case the little flashes of silver here and there serves as nice accenting.

ASTERIA II: Rearmoured. Watercooled In Win 901
Build log

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