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Motherboard work, part 2
The red and the textures have been tidied up now, but the I/O cluster bothers me as well. It's not the colour this time, it's the haphazard spacing and heights - I just don't want to see it at all.

Bit of measuring, bit of Illustrator, wee drop of ink on some paper and...

Test fit an I/O shroud. It also covers up the serial label on the sound card cover too

I think I can extend that wall a few more mm just to get a bit more coverage.

I'll be honest, the EVGA Z97 Stinger is my inspiration for the I/O shroud (and probably my entire board rework too).

I love that it's not just a hard-edge plastic box you slap on top of the I/O cluster, but much more organic with a nice bend radius at the ends and all folded from a single cut piece. That also ties in nicely with the smooth, sweeping corners of the 901's aluminium external skin, so I'm rather happy at how my own bend radius has mocked up.

Of course, it needs to be done in something that isn't paper yet. It also doesn't need to be done in 2mm thick acrylic

Now this was always more playing with the material rather than making something final, but 2mm is (for me anyway) a bit too thick to get some intricate cuts and rounded corners, and also to fold evenly. Bit of a pig's ear really.

So I'm changing to 1.5mm thick PETG sheet, but will have to wait until I've made up my DIY metal brake to get more accurate, even folds.

Thanks for looking, hopefully be back soon!

ASTERIA II: Rearmoured. Watercooled In Win 901
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