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Test System
3770k -- 6700k
Asus Maximus V Gene Z77-- Asus Maximus VIII Gene Z170
Samsung DDR3-1600c11 2x4GB 1.35v dual sided -- G.Skill DDR4-3200c14 2x8GB single sided
EVGA GTX1070 SC (OC=+75 core +750 mem +112 powertune use on all tests)
64g Samsung 830, 1tb Sandisk ultra II, 3tb WD green
Seasonic XP 1050 < tad overkill for the current system which has topped out at 306w from the wall
Silverstone TJ08-EW
Swiftech Apogee drive II
200mm Phobya rad + Silverstone Air Penetrator AP181
EK VGA Supreme HF

Average fps in fallout 4 are not perfectly accurate im afraid due to it being a short run with low fps at the start and high fps at the end if i was a second out starting\stopping the test it could throw the results a bit but the minimum seem very consistent

For arma 3 i used a stratis time demo average fps are nice and consistent but the minimum were very random so i left them out

R6 your typical gpu bottlnecked game most ram reviews use here you can see the 3770k at stock with the gtx1070 oc is faster than the 6700k oc with stock gtx1070
R6 had the gpu pegged at 100% load while arma stayed well under being cpu bottlnecked

lightroom also sees over 20% improvement from higher ram speeds when exporting but only ~10% when rendering previews

time taken to export 150 24mp .nef to jpeg
2133c15 3:20
3200c14 2:50
3866c16 2:39

time taken to build 150 24mp 1:1 previews
2133c15 6:03
3200c14 5:33
3866c16 5:23

XTU, AIDA64, Timings

[email protected] 2133c9 1.5v

[email protected] SPD-2133c15 Single channel

[email protected] SPD-2133c15

[email protected] core 4.2GHz cache SPD-2133c15

[email protected] core 4.7GHz cache SPD-2133c15

[email protected] 3866c16 t1 1.4v

[email protected] core 4.7GHz cache XMP-3200c14

[email protected] core 4.7GHz cache 3000c12 t1 1.42v (unstable)

[email protected] core 4.7GHz cache 3866c16 t1 1.4v

[email protected] core 4.7GHz cache 4000c17 t2 1.4v
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