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Originally Posted by Lady Fitzgerald View Post

That is the best solution. Most laser printers are far more economical to use per page than an inkjet, even with the higher initial purchase price of the laser printer factored in.

I remember back in 1994 when a top of the line HP DeskJet color was pushing $500 and a black and white HP LaserJet was a couple hundred above that. Having owned color inkjets right up until 2013, I was shocked at how little a color laser cost nearly 20 years later.

I know that color inkjets are dirt cheap now too (my Canon inkjet prior to my current color laser was $70), but what I paid for my color laser is nothing compared to the prices from back in the '90s. Totally worth it considering I spent another $80 on ink for that Canon before it gave me some print head error and I mothballed it.

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