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Yeah it is the normal Amp edition... While running Firestrike and Time Spy @ 2050 (+232) GPU and @ 5500(+500) Mem. The temps are not going over 73°C.

Will try the Bios tomorrow. Mine just arrived today aswell... so first wanted to test a bit ...

Keep you posted....
Originally Posted by Insan1tyOne View Post

According to that BIOS revision you have the normal "AMP!" edition of the card as well... Seeing as both of the PCBs are identical except for the "Extreme" edition having a larger stock air-cooler, I see no reason why this would not work. In theory there are only two things that I could see going wrong from this:

  1. The card becomes unstable because it cannot support the higher clocks.
  2. The card overheats / becomes louder due to the higher default power target and power limit.

But those are fairly small risks, so I think that everything will go well. My AMP! edition is supposed to arrive today, so hopefully I will be able to complete this test tonight.

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