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Originally Posted by Insan1tyOne View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I am not very familiar with using NVflash, so I may not be of much help, but here is a nice list of all available commands in NVflash:

NVflash Commands: (Click to show)
NVIDIA Firmware Update Utility

Save firmware to file:                         nvflash [options] --save <filename>
Display version:                                  nvflash [options] --version [<filename>]
Check for supported EEPROM:       nvflash [options] --check
List adapters:                                       nvflash [options] --list
Write protect EEPROM:                      nvflash [options] --protecton
Remove write protect:                        nvflash [options] --protectoff

-- Commands and Options -- 
help             ?                            Display this screen.
save            b <filename>       Read EEPROM and save to <filename>.
compare     k <filename>       Read EEPROM and compare with <filename>.
verify           h <filename>       Verify <filename> matches EEPROM if flashed.
version       v <filename>       Display file version and ~CRC32
                                                   (if no filename, acts on display adapter).
check       c                  Check for supported EEPROM.
list        a                  List all NVIDIA display adapters found in
                               the system.
protecton   w                  Write protect EEPROM (only on some EEPROM's).
protectoff  r                  Remove EEPROM write protect (only on some
license       <license file>   Provide a HULK <license file>.
licinfo                        Display HULK license content. HULK license is
                               provided by --license option.
ecid                           Display GPU ECID. 
licreq        <file>,<reqType> Generate a License Request File to submit to Nvidia.
lspci                          List all the PCI devices in the system.
setpci        <R.W>[=D[:M]]    Read/Write PCI Config register.
    Format is: <REG.WIDTH>[=DATA[:MASK]]
    Read  operation: <REG.WIDTH>
    Write operation: <REG.WIDTH>=DATA[:MASK]
proggmac      <filename>       Flash the application image to GMAC MCU.
savegmac      <filename>       Read back the GMAC application image and
                               save to <filename>.
listgmac                       List all the GMAC devices in the system
querygmac     [<filename>]     Display the GMAC application version
                               (if no filename, acts on display adapter).
buildinfo                      Display build information.
upgradeonly                    Only allow upgrading of firmware based on
overridesub 6                  Allow firmware and adapter PCI subsystem ID
index       i <index>          Force a specific device index.
pcisegbus   B [<seg#>:]<bus#>  Select a specific device by using a specified
                               segment# and bus#. The following format
                               is allowed, <seg#>:<bus#>:<dev#>.<func#>.
                               All numbers are hexadecimal. The segment#
                               can be optional, and has a default value(0)
                               if no input value.The dev# and the func# 
                               can be omitted for the --pcisegbus command.
auto        A                  When possible, run without user intervention.
silence     s                  Silence all audio beeps.
beep        !                  Beep to signal updating progress.
nolight     l                  Do not light keyboard LEDs.
override    o <level>          Override safety check level:
   default  unknown EEPROM | NV adapter aborts application.
   level=1  unknown EEPROM acceptable for read operations.
   level=2  unknown NV adapter acceptable for read operations.
   level=3  Combined effect of 1,2 (cannot write to unknown EEPROM or adapter).
log         L <log file>       Create a log file.
nopowerchk  p                  Skip power level check.
offswdriver S                  Turn off automatic switch driver state.

Use a single dash ("-") to use the single letter version of a command.
Use a double dash ("--") to use the longer descriptive version of a command.
Use equals ("=") to specify parameters, with separating commas (",").

-- Sample Usage --
nvflash --index=1 nv30nz.rom

You might want to try removing the write-protect and doing a level 3 override. Although there is no guarantee that either of those will work. I have been doing some research, and apparently Nvidia GPUs have some sort of built in BIOS flashing protection, I have done a lot of BIOS modding on AMD cards, but never on Nvidia. AMD cards do not have such protection, but maybe this BIOS flashing protection is what is blocking you from flashing a BIOS file from another card onto your current card?

If that is truly the case then we will have to put this project on hold as no one has found a way around the Pascal BIOS verification checks yet. They were able to do it for Maxwell, but supposedly Pascal is proving to be a lot tougher to crack.

Lastly, this is a bit off topic, but would you mind sharing some pictures of the mod that you did to your card to improve the cooling? I am very curious as to what it looks like,

- Insan1tyOne biggrin.gif

I just removed the shroud fan and replaced it with 2x EK Vardar 3K RPM fan

Thermal compound also swapped for Grizzly Conductonaut (liquid metal)

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