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Originally Posted by Reefer View Post

NVflash is not working with my card either.

Use the Firestorm app to flash it. (1st save your original BIOS !!!! ) And do not forget to reboot after flashing.

Gonna do some testing this afternoon. Keep you posted smile.gif

Hmm, I have never heard of this "Firestorm tool". Would you mind posting a short (but easy enough to understand for noobies) guide here in this thread?) I will post it into the OP and give you credit when I get around to changing the thread into a "HOW TO:" thread.
Originally Posted by Reefer View Post

Alright, just finished my 1st test...

Settings original Bios:
GPU +250 (Settles @ 2050)
MEm: + 450
GPU Max volt 100%
Power 120%
Temp target 85°
Fan curve reached 80% @ 70°C (Max Temp 74°C)

3Dmark Time Spyscore:
Graphics: 7935
CPU: 4322

Settings Exteme Bios:
GPU +0 (settles @2025 )
MEm: + 0
GPU Max volt 100%
Power 120%
Temp target 85°
Fan curve reached 80% @ 70°C (Max temp 76°C)

3Dmark Time Spyscore:
Graphics: 7778
CPU: 4473

Note: with the extreme bios i could not put any additional Mhz on the mem or gpu because it would lock.

Need some more testing to see if the extreme bios is gonna make a difference or we are better of with oc-ing the original.

So with your stock BIOS + OC you were getting a graphics score of 7935, and with the Extreme BIOS you were getting a graphics score of 7778. That is only a small difference of 157 points. But yes, more testing is indeed in order.

I have been out of the Nvidia camp for quite some time, my last Nvidia card was a 560 Ti, so I am not up-to-date on all of the Nvidia overclocking metrics, but did you test the newly flashed Extreme BIOS at complete stock parameters? (e.g. No OC programs open and all GPU settings set to complete stock?) If not, would you mind doing that? I am interested in how this card performs with just the Extreme BIOS applied and no extra settings changed, as that is what I will most likely be doing on my system.

EDIT: Also, Alphacool just released a universal waterblock that is compatible with our Zotac GPUs now! @TK421 you may be interested in this!


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