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Originally Posted by Insan1tyOne View Post

I appreciate you doing that and for posting a brief guide on how to flash the BIOS using Zotac's tool. I will be sure to update the OP soon with all of this valuable information after I complete my own flash. It looks like UPS is doing some weird stuff with my package (it was an hour away from me and now it is halfway across the country again?) So hopefully I have my new card in hand by early next week. Also just a tip here, if you own Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4 I would recommend playing those games to test the stability of your card with the new BIOS at stock settings.

During my time spent modifying AMD BIOS files I found that even though a card may appear "stable" in benchmarks and some games, the Frostbite engine that DICE uses would always expose flaws and cause crashing if the card was even slightly unstable. This allowed me to really lock in some rock stable clocks on my cards without needing to ever use any OC programs or editors since everything was just baked into the BIOS itself.

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Yeah, the guide is really brief... but it really is as easy as that.. just tryit when your card gets there...

Lol, had same thing once when ordering vape gear from US (i live in EU) Went from Florida to New York, to LA, to Chicago and then to Netherlands... really laughed my ass off when that happend.

Was planning on getting back into BF4 tonight... So will do smile.gif enjoy the weekend and hope you get your card soon
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