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Originally Posted by TK421 View Post

I do it once home

My card is only stable 1974-1987 mhz due to temp throttling. If it stays below 50c then I'll actually get 2012MHz.

Locked at 1.093v +25mhz using evga xoc

Be sure to test the new BIOS on the card at complete stock settings first. (e.g. No OC programs open, etc.) This way you will get to know the baseline performance and temps. of your card with the new BIOS first before you attempt to OC it further.
Originally Posted by Reefer View Post

In BF4, my card stays around 2035Mhz with the Extreme bios.

Temp around 71C so that is not bad... This is at stock Extreme settings.

Tomorrow i am gonna try to up the Core voltage to 100% and the Power Limit to 120%.

FPS @ 1440p all maxed around 150-160 which is weird because i have G-sync enabled

That sounds like pretty great performance in BF4 to me. And stabilizing at 2035 Mhz boost @ 71C also sounds pretty good for stock settings as well. And the card did not exhibit any oddities while you were playing? If not, then I would say it is most likely stable with the Extreme BIOS applied. I will be curious to see what your overclocking results are. Although since the Extreme BIOS already has a much higher target / limit voltage than the normal BIOS, maybe you should try overclocking first without raising any of the voltages or power limits? Either way, good luck!

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