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Originally Posted by TK421 View Post

Well, the problem is my card only stable 2012MHz under 50c, so I downclock the card after flash new bios.

Old bios: http://www.3dmark.com/fs/10333007
New bios (386w): http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/15173355

Minimal difference, if any.

I lost out on the silicon lottery, this card sucks.




The difference between the two would have been much larger if you tested each BIOS at stock settings. However, even at the exact same clocks the Extreme edition BIOS is netting you an extra 107 points so that isn't all bad! Something just seems off though, I don't understand why your card downclocks so much when other users cards do not downclock even when they are sitting at 70C or greater. I was always under the impression that serious downclocking only occurs after 85C. But maybe the silicon lottery really did just strike again?

All in all though a score of 5636 on a single GTX 1080 is pretty good! The highest score I can even find for a single 1080 on Firestrike Ultra is 6143, so I would say that your card isn't all that bad!
Originally Posted by Wickedtt View Post

I have a Amp Extreme its stock 2088mhz out of the box which is amazing but when i move voltage slider it doesnt do anything for some reason anyone know a reason for that? i have a 1070 Amp Extreme and the voltage would adjust normally too 1090mv. But the 1080 will only sit at 1060mv tops. Anyone know anything about why that might be would be amazing help. Or a different bios i need to flash!

The AMP! Extreme cards already have a relatively high voltage target / limit set in the BIOS, I have read multiple places that there are several (hardware) voltage limiters put in place on Pascal cards that will not allow you to increase the voltage past a certain point. That is why a lot of review sites said that the Pascal architecture has a "cement ceiling" overclocking limit. It could just be that the Extreme edition cards have already been pre-configured to have their voltages set to that "ceiling" by default in the BIOS.

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