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I have a single Corsair Vengeance LP 8GB RAM stick installed (cml16gx3m2a1600c10) - http://www.corsair.com/en-gb/vengeance-low-profile-16gb-dual-channel-ddr3-memory-kit-cml16gx3m2a1600c10

The default (X.M.P) settings for the RAM stick were
1600MHz with Timings: 10,10,10,27 with CR - 2

I was reading around on OC'ing my RAM and read how CR 1 is better than CR 2 then saw few other posts saying how it doesn't matter much etc but went ahead and changed it to CR 1. So far it was good.

Then I went ahead and tried to OC my memory.
I went from

1.5V - 1600MHz - 10,10,10,27,CR-1


1.65V - 1866MHz - 10,11,11,31,CR-1

I did a few benchmark tests in AIDA64 and the read,write and latency improved slightly.

Default settings 1600MHz - 10,10,10,27,CR-1 @ 1.5v
Read: 12560mb/s
Write: 12489
Latency 57.3ns

New settings - 1866 - 10-11-11-31-CR1 @ 1.65v
Read: 14571
Write: 14527
Latency: 52ns

I suppose this is a small change, but I was hoping If I could get some advice on whether this small OC was worth it. I do not go for benchmark scores or anything, i mainly use my computer for gaming, and currently trying to squeeze whatever performance I can out of my old rig.

i5 3570k @ 4.3GHz 1.2v
MSI GTX 970 (OC'd)
PSU: Corsair TX650

Was this OC worth it for possibly a small performance boost? Adding the extra voltage and messing with the frequency and timings, or should I just go back to stock, 1600MHz 10,10,10,27,CR1.

Thanks for your time.
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