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1600 to 1866 is a 16% overclock and memory is about 3% of performance for modern CPUs.
So 3% of 16% is only about 0.5% performance gain.

Run the memory at 1600 with defaults set for all the timings.and write down what they default to.
Manually set all the timings to those and then start slowly raising the memory speed until it won't boot.
Then try raising the other three timings and see if you can get it to boot.

A little tome I wrote about memory timings:

Memory latency, or timings, like the number 10 in CL 10, are the length of time it takes the memory to complete a step in what it has to do. That "time" is measured in "clock ticks", ie CL 10 takes 10 clock ticks to complete before the memory can move on to it's next operation. The length of one clock tick is the speed at which the memory is running. 1800 MHz memory has a clock tick length of one 1,800,000,000th of a second (1,800,000,000 clock ticks per second), so the CL step takes 10 x 1/1,800,000,000 seconds.

A stick of memory always takes the same amount of time to complete it's CL step (or any other step) no matter what speed it is running. If you run the above memory stick faster, say 2400 MHz, it still takes 10 x 1/1,800,000,000 seconds to complete the CL step, but each clock tick is now 1/2,400,000,000 of a second, so it now would take more clock ticks to complete the CL step. Namely, 24/18 times 10 (for CL step) or 13.3 clock ticks (10 times 24/18 clock ticks). But, alas, that has to be rounded to to CL 14 as memory can't use partial clock ticks.

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