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I was playing GTAv for hours with no problems. But went into Mafia 3 and blue screened within minutes. I will reset and OC my memory using your method. Is it okay for me to start off at 1.65v and find a good stable OC then try lower the voltage once stable?

I know I cant boost when going over 1600MHz at default timings despite using 1.65v. but what I am unsure about is which one of the 4 timings should I increase first. Or does it not matter.

Also you said to adjust the other 3 timings. But am I not also increasing the 4th timing? E.g. 10-10-10-27 (would I not increase the 27 slowly too? To help with the OC.

As I am new to OCing ram I struggled a bit to understand the 2nd paragraph of your explanation.

I'll do more research into RAM OCing and check out some videos too tomorrow.

I appreciate all the help you're giving me!

EDIT: Since I can't increase the frequency without increasing the timings. I may try keep the frequency the same and lower the timings. I guess that may provide better results for me? Will increasing the voltage help in this sktuation? (Starting at 1.65v and lowering if stable).
Also should I keep my Command Rate at default 2N or is it better to use 1N if stable for performance?
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