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If you pull the water block, remove the vreg pad and place heatsink on card and shine a flashlight from the other side across the vreg contact area. If you have it as tight as it'll go and you still aren't contacting meaning you can see the light across the gap then that's the problem. Contact must be true, before pad because the pad compresses minimizing thermal resistance. My card has a 0.5mm gap between the heatsink contact and the vregs which isn't ideal so my pad fills in the gap yet thermal resistance is high. Ideally a Gelid Icy Vision would do the trick, leaving the room to mount a great big custom made or pre-made Voltage Regulator Heatsink that is mounted by screws with 0.0 millimeters of gap. That way a 0.5mm pad will compress to 0.001mm, allowing all the heat from the regulators to be transferred effectively to the heatsink cooling them and allowing great stability at high power numbers.

I too thought I had card damage and there is none. It's just you have to get the settings just right for it all to work perfectly like stock bios.

If a card is bad, on stock bios it will boot to black and you won't have num lock functionality... If you have num lock then the display ports on the card are damaged... (Very delicate ports on these AMD cards).

Highly tedious and long process to get there but its nice when you find it. About 1250mhz, probably cannot happen no matter what you throw at it. Gotta go POLARIS so see numbers AMD Tonga can only dream of. I plan on running my RX480 @ 1563Mhz Core & The GDDR5 @ 256GB/s is plenty... 1563Mhz x 32 ROPs = 50 Beastly Billion Pixel's per second. Also 1563Mhz x 144 TMUs = 225 Billion Amazing texel's per second.

Here is a new BIOS I made for ya, Minimum 3d speed of 1200Mhz & up to 1219Mhz... 1219Mhz x 32 ROPs = 39 Billion pixels per second...Which is 1 Billion more pixels per second than 1190Mhz.

275W/ 200A/ 1050MVDD/ 1400MV

m42bmw1400millivolts275w200a1050mvdd0s.zip 100k .zip file

Here is my latest test. Surpassing my previous max clocks. Up to 240w/200a & 1449mv & all offsets of 1235mv, Memory vddci/mvdd 1200mv. Up to 1680mhz memory (215.0GB/s). Only saw up to 1388mv core on 1449mv base for 1237Mhz Core. Still trying to surpass my previous best Firestrike of 9,389 and 50.52fps avg on test 1. It runs hotter than before because of my heatsink hacking but I also use a quieter profile. Still going to buy a Gelid Icy Vision Rev. 2.0 AMD Only. I think the Sapphire cards have poor 12 volt input resistance causing massive droop. In the screenshot, that's with the card dedicated to a KingWin 1000W which on Nvidia GPU(s) even 3-way SLI hits no less than 11.904v.

Any chance on being able to change memory latency timings? I think that could help.

1235mv vddci-mvdd 1250mv vddci-mvdd 1275mv vddci-mvdd1300mv vddci-mvdd

Dell Precision T7500 : Dual Xeon X5675 @ 3.536Ghz X 24 Threads : 48 Gigabytes : Cinebench R15 : 1505 : AMD R9 390X 8GB @ 1173Mhz 1350mv 57599 Power Limit @ 1250Mhz memory error free on tight timings / since 1500mhz+ had errors galore
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