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Originally Posted by toolmaker03 View Post

ok, so I have a AM3+ rig and the CPU has started to click as it is processing information. the FX8350 CPU in there now, is like 5 years old, so the CPU has done its job, now I am looking at replacing it, with the FX8370 CPU.

the full system specs. are
motherboard, is a sabertooth 990fx R2.0
memory, 8G of corsair DDR3 duel channel 1600Mhz
video card, asus GTX480.

this system is just used as a internet computer, so no heavy processing, or intense graphical needs for this system.

any other suggestions for the CPU?

If you have a Sabertooth just get an 8320 and OC it. You'll get just as many GHz and for a bit cheaper.

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